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Paying for Car Insurance with a Credit Card

Did you know using a credit card to pay for your car insurance in Salt Lake City can actually make your insurance rate lower? It’s something many insurance companies will offer discounts for. But how exactly does it work and what details do you need to be aware of? We’re here to answer those questions and give you the three main ways a credit card payment could mean for a lower insurance rate. Auto Withdrawal Purchasing an insurance policy often means you can choose from making monthly payments, making quarterly payments, or paying for the entire yearly premium at the time of purchase. The great thing is you can do this through a credit card. And regardless of the method you choose for how often you pay; you could be eligible for a cheaper rate when doing so. Signing up for an automatic withdrawal with your credit cards means for a discount with most insurance companies – just ask! Options for Cash Back It’s possible to get your car insurance for a lower amount by using your credit card’s cash back or rewards program. If this is something your credit card company offers you can use it to make car insurance payments and put money back in your own pocket. Always keep an eye out for special deals your credit card company might be offering as these allow you...

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5 Unique Car Insurance Discounts Worth Asking About

You may be surprised to know there are a lot of different things that can mean a discount on your car insurance in Salt Lake City. And we don’t mean the typical things like a good driving record or getting older. Knowing about the more unique things that mean for a discount and taking advantage of them is one of the best ways to save yourself a lot of money in the long run! Here are five of the unique car insurance discounts worth asking about. When you belong to a teacher’s organization Teachers unions are one of the groups insurance companies will solicit for special discounts and promotions. If you’re a part of one, it’s definitely worth checking in with your insurance provider to see if there’s an offered discount you could be taking advantage of. Being a part of a college or university alumni association If you graduated from college or university then you may have the option for a special discount! Alumni associations work to help promote their own school and one of the ways they motivate others to become members is with unique benefits like car insurance discounts. Having a child that gets good grades Your child getting good grades is likely something you’re incredibly proud of, but it could also mean for a great car insurance discount! Especially if they are a young driver...

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Items You Should Always Have in Your Car

A few years ago, we told you all about building a safety kit for your car. It included everything you needed to know about creating this kit and what it should have in it. You loved that post so much that now we want to share one on a similar topic: items you should always have in your car. And we’re not talking about safety kit items necessarily. Instead, these are items that could come in handy, provide comfort, or just generally be useful in your vehicle. (By the way, if you missed our first post on building a vehicle safety kit, find it here) Items to Keep in Your Car Chances are, there are some items you always have in your car. Maybe it’s a pack of gum, a box of tissues, or extra snacks. Here are some other ideas for things you’ll always want to have on hand! You never know when they could come in handy, or even prove to be life-saving. A tire changing kit A window breaker Duct tape (useful for many purposes!) A gas can Work gloves Garbage bags Seatbelt cutter Windshield wiper fluid Emergency food and water Reflective triangles Ice scraper and snow brush Warm clothing Comfortable walking shoes A solar phone charger Hand sanitizer Umbrella Roll of quarters You might consider adding a waterproof container to your trunk where you keep...

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Car Insurance and Credit Checks

Do car insurance companies check credit scores before they decide to offer you a policy? This is an important question and it’s one we’re going to cover in today’s post! Do car insurance companies do credit checks? Since the 1990s, car insurance companies have been checking credit scores. But this isn’t the same as the credit score you might be used to. Instead, insurance companies look at your insurance credit score. It’s calculated in the same way as your typical FICO score, but it takes different factors into account and weighs certain factors differently. Insurance credit scores To get your insurance credit score, your credit report is run through an algorithm that determines your insurance credit score, and this is largely based on your risk as a driver. There isn’t an exact formula that can tell you how your premium might change based on your insurance credit score. This will largely depend on the provider you choose. But as with any type of risk, the higher your risk is determined to be, the more you can expect to pay for insurance. What else affects the price of car insurance? Your insurance credit score isn’t the only factor taken into account when pricing your policy. There are a number of other things your premium price will be based on, including: The level of coverage you choose Your driving history Your...

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Qualifying for a Multi-Vehicle Car Insurance Discount

Has your family grown or changed and you have found yourself with another driver in the house? Then you might also be wondering if and how you could qualify for a mult-vehicle discount on your car insurance policy. Good news: you’re in the right place for answers! What to Know About Multi-Vehicle Car Insurance Discounts A multi-car discount is just one of the many discounts you could be eligible for. Others include good student discounts, loyalty discounts, and safe driving discounts. But for today’s post, we’ll focus specifically on how you can save money on insuring multiple vehicles together. First, it’s important to note that multi-car discounts on insurance policies don’t compound with additional vehicles. Maybe you add a second car to your policy so you’re eligible for a 15% discount on your policy. If you add a third or even fourth vehicle to this policy, the discount won’t continue to increase with each vehicle. Instead, with four vehicles on the policy, each policy could get the same discount. Multi-Car Discount Eligibility Now, as for qualifying for this discount, the requirements actually tend to be relatively simple and straightforward: if you insure more than one vehicle on the same policy, you likely qualify for a multi-car discount. Additional Requirements Depending on the insurance provider you work with, there are sometimes stricter requirements. These might require every insured vehicle to...

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