The majority of Utah residents live adjacent to the most active segments of the 220 mile long Wasatch fault, which in Utah extends from Brigham City to Nephi. According to the University of Utah, it is possible for a large earthquake of the magnitude 6.5 to 7.5 to occur on several segments of the Wasatch and along several other faults that transgress the state. Such events have occurred in Utah over the course of the last 6,000 years, generally at the rate of once every 400 years. According to these historical statistics, the chance of a large earthquake occurring in Utah during the next 50 years is 1 in 4. Incredibly, Utah experiences on average around 700 earthquakes per year, though 98% are too small to be felt.


Considering the frequency with which earthquakes occur in Utah, and the great possibility of a major earthquake happening in the near future, it is shrewd for homeowners in Salt Lake City and other areas around Utah, to include earthquake insurance in their home insurance coverage. ASA Insurance offers the lowest prices on earthquake insurance in the state. The motive for purchasing any insurance is to protect you, your family, and your personal property, from unforeseen events or circumstances, and to ensure that financially you will be able to the cover the financial costs of any consequences of such events. Our trusted agents at ASA Insurance have the proper expertise to help you to decide on the best coverage for you and your property, as well as guide you in comparing the prices of available policies.

The benefits of purchasing an earthquake insurance policy from us are:

  • You are covered for repairs or reconstruction if your home is damaged in an earthquake, saving you from having to borrow money to rebuild or even from losing everything you’ve worked so hard for.
  • ASA Insurance offers the lowest rates in the state, so you won’t have to pay the high premiums that people who live in high risk areas generally have to endure
  • If you are unable to continue living in your home after an earthquake due to structural damages, you may get additional living expenses to pay for other accommodation while your home is being repaired.
  • In addition to the obvious structural damages an earthquake can cause, other potential dangers such as fire, gas leaks, explosions, landslides, and flooding can also occur as consequences of an earthquake. We can tailor a policy to include coverage from such consequential events as well.

Although it is quite difficult to predict when and where an earthquake will occur, the fact is that Utah is at high risk of such an event occurring. It only takes one major event to cause irreparable damage to your home; having an earthquake insurance policy can give you peace of mind knowing that if such an event occurs, you and your family can recover.

To receive a quote on earthquake insurance and to investigate the various options of what a policy covers, we encourage you to speak with one of our agents at ASA Insurance. We will be happy to help you make the right choice to protect your home and family with a policy that fits in your budget. Contact us today at 801-486-7463.