Renters Insurance

Even if You Don’t Own a Property, Renters Insurance Helps You Protect Your Other Assets as a Renter

ASA Insurance Provides Quality Renter’s Insurance at Affordable Rates

If you think you don’t need insurance because you rent, you might be surprised at how important renter’s insurance could be if something happens. While the landlord’s insurance policy will cover the building, it may not pay for replacement of your personal items. ASA Insurance can help you determine if you need renter’s insurance and how much coverage.

Why You Need Renter’s Insurance

A renter’s insurance policy protects you from liability if someone should get injured in your home. If there is any confusion on whether the cause was your responsibility or that of the landlord, your insurance company will advocate for you. It also pays for damage to other people’s property when you are at fault for the accident. A prime example is when a fire or water damage to your apartment goes into another unit and causes damage to another tenant’s belongings. Since you could be held liable for the costs, renter’s insurance will protect you.

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    Renter’s insurance pays to replace your belongings if they are damaged or lost due to many situations, including fire and theft. If you have valuable items, such as electronics or furniture, a renter’s policy can enable you to replace them. However, you need insurance even if you don’t think you own anything of value. Just imagine the cost of replacing clothing and other personal items if you have a limited budget.

    How much insurance coverage you need will depend on how much you own and what other assets you want to protect. Having enough coverage provides peace of mind when a terrible tragedy occurs and can make replacing your belongings or paying for others’ expenses possible.

    Renter’s Insurance is Affordable

    Unlike other types of insurance that can cost hundreds of dollars, a renter’s policy is often very cheap. Depending on how much coverage you need, you may pay only a small amount each month. If you have auto insurance, you can save even more by bundling them together.

    Discuss your needs for insurance with ASA Insurance. We can help you select a policy that meets your needs and budget. We can assist you in determining the amount of coverage you need and answer any questions about insurance you may have. Give us a call today at 801-486-7463 to get a free quote.

    Renter’s Insurance FAQs

    Do I need home insurance if I’m a renter?
    There’s a specific type of home insurance meant just for people who rent a home rather than buy one. It’s called renter’s insurance and it helps cover your personal property and liability considerations as a renter.

    Unlike regular home insurance where the policyholder owns the home, renter’s insurance does not include coverage for the physical structure of the property. Instead, it’s meant to help protect renters from things like the costs associated with property theft and liability damage. As such, renter’s insurance tends to be a lot more affordable than regular home insurance, making it an obvious choice for most renters.

    Does renter's insurance cover storage units?
    Most renter’s insurance policies do cover contents in a storage unit. This is an important inclusion because many renters rely on storage units to store their belongings if they cannot fit them inside of their property. Be sure to speak with your insurance provider to make sure your policy does include your storage unit or if you will need separate coverage to offer adequate protection.
    Does renter's insurance cover theft in Salt Lake City?
    Most renter’s insurance policies do cover theft, including the theft of belongings from break and enters and burglaries. Additionally, if your property is stolen when it’s off your property (for example, if your laptop is stolen from your backpack while you’re taking public transportation), renter’s insurance will usually apply in these scenarios too.
    Who offers renter's insurance in Salt Lake City?
    ASA Insurance is proud to provide renter’s insurance in Salt Lake City. We work hard to find policies for our clients that not only provide them with the coverage they’re looking for, but coverage that doesn’t break the bank while doing so.
    How does renter's insurance work?
    Renters insurance works much like home insurance, except for exactly what it covers. In the event you make a claim, your insurance provider will review this claim, and pay for any covered damages (minus your deductible).
    Do you need renter's insurance in Utah?
    Utah does not legally require renter’s insurance, but it is still considered a very important and valuable form of financial protection for property renters.
    Does renter's insurance cover water damage?
    There are several situations in which renter’s insurance does cover water damage in Utah. For example, if you accidentally leave a tap running and it damages your floors, this is often covered by your policy. In other situations and depending on the nature of the damage, it will be up to the property owner’s insurance to cover the damages.
    Does renter's insurance cover car theft?
    If your vehicle itself is stolen, you will need to have comprehensive insurance in place to cover the costs of replacing it. However, if items from inside of your vehicle are stolen, the personal property coverage from your renter’s insurance will likely cover this.
    What does renter's insurance not cover?
    Although there are many things renter’s insurance covers in Utah, there are also some things that renter’s insurance does not cover.

    Here are some common exclusions on renter’s insurance coverage:

    • Bed bugs/pests
    • Earthquakes
    • Riots
    • Car theft or damage (auto insurance is responsible for this instead)
    • Flood damage
    • Your roommate’s property (unless they are listed on your property)

    Be sure to speak with us about adding additional coverage to your renter’s insurance to address the particular risks you might face.

    How to get renter's insurance
    When you begin the process of getting renter’s insurance, you’ll want to start by assessing your needs. For example, if you have certain pieces of valuable property that might exceed the limits of a regular policy, this is something to be aware of ahead of time.

    Then, it’s time to start contacting renter’s insurance companies in Utah, including the friendly team at ASA Insurance! We will help you determine what kind of coverage is right for you, the application process, and assist you with all of your other insurance needs.

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