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Deciding Between Repairs & Write-Offs After a Car Accident

Even if it’s just a fender bender, getting into a car accident is an incredibly stressful and upsetting situation! Best case scenario, the damage is minimal and no one was hurt. But if your vehicle has extensive damage, it will either require costly repairs or it will be written off entirely. So, what determines whether your car will be written off or if it can be repaired? We’ll cover that question, along with other important considerations on the topic in this post! Repairing your vehicle after an accident Each state has different laws about repairing a vehicle versus deeming it a total loss after an accident. In Utah, regulations follow the Total Loss Formula. This includes adding the cost of repairs plus the scrap value of your vehicle. If the total is higher than the car’s value prior to the accident, the car is declared a total loss. If it’s less, your vehicle could be repaired and back on the road. But will insurance cover these repairs? If you were at fault for the accident and you have collision coverage, the cost of repairs will likely be covered by your policy, minus your deductible. But if the damage came from something other than a collision (i.e., vandalism, theft, falling objects) your best chance for having repairs covered is if you have comprehensive insurance. Replacing and writing off your car...

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Accident Photos and Why You Need Them

There’s nothing quite as frustrating or scary as getting in an accident. The evidence retrieved from an accident however, can make all the difference to how bad or good the situation becomes. Taking photos after getting into an accident can help you if you are the victim in the accident, as you are much less likely to become the liability party. Photos can provide as proper evidence for eliminating doubt and depicting the accident exactly as it occurred. Your Photos are Important If you were to get in an accident and experience something like a hit to your bumper, you would probably assume that you will be viewed as the victim in the scenario. While your assumption would be correct, it’s possible that filing a claim with the other party’s insurance carrier could result in only a partial payment of the damages without proper evidence. It’s always possible that a claim could be made where there is not enough proof provided for a full payment. The thing is that this type of scenario is a lot more common than you might think and is exactly why it’s so important to take detailed photos after an accident. What Should I Take Photos of? Photos can make all the difference in the outcome of a claim, even if the accident is minor. Be sure to take photos of the point of...

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Safety Tips for New Drivers in Utah

If you’re a new driver, it’s likely that you’re feeling eager to hit the road and finally take advantage of your freedom. While it’s no doubt that this is an exciting time for you, it will be important to practice ongoing safety and responsibility as you head out on the streets. Here is everything you should know before you get behind the wheel. Know the Essential Rules There are specific rules for drivers who have a learner’s permit. You will only be allowed to drive with an experienced driver in the car and it’s likely that there will be rules around alcohol. These will depend on where you live and the regulations in your area. The owner of the car that you are driving will need to inform their insurance company that you will be driving their vehicle. They can also inform them at this time of when you expect to be driving the vehicle on your own in the future. Practice Makes Perfect Once you have achieved your license, you are officially allowed to drive on your own. It will be important to know that in most states you will be on probation for the first two years before you can earn your full drivers license. This means there will be limits on the number of passengers allowed in your vehicle at a time. You also will not...

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Does Home Insurance Cover Cell Phones and Smartwatches?

The technologies you know and love are progressing, and also getting more expensive. So, what exactly does that mean for your insurance needs? Is your home insurance in Salt Lake City going to cover your cell phone and smartwatch? How to Protect Your Cell Phones and Smartwatches If you’ve invested your money into the latest and greatest technologies, then it’s likely that you are going to want to protect them. Technology can be a big investment! Here is what you need to know to better understand the options available to you. Warranties A warranty can be thought of as a written promise. In the retail industry it more so refers to assuring the quality of a product than it does to guaranteeing that certain conditions will be fulfilled. It means that if the product fails within the time of the warranty and the user can show that it was not them who caused the problem, then the creator of the product will be responsible for fixing it. Warranties are often more limited than they may seem. Extended Warranties Extended warranties on the other hand are protection plans offered by the manufacturer themselves. These warranties do exactly what you might think, which is to extend the time period of the warranty. There may be several levels of offered protection however, most of these offerings will not protect any of the...

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How Does Mileage Affect Car Insurance?

When you first buy a car and it has a remarkably low mileage reading, will this mean it costs less to insure than the same vehicle with a lot more miles on it? We know a lot of our clients are curious about how mileage affects car insurance, so let’s get to the answer! Why do you need to disclose your annual mileage when you buy car insurance? One reason many drivers wonder if mileage affects their car insurance is because it’s something you’ll be asked when you sign up for a new policy. But is this because a higher number means you’ll pay more in insurance? In many cases, the answer is yes! But it might be for different reasons than you think. It’s not so much about more miles meaning your vehicle is more likely to need repairs. Instead, it’s actually more about how MUCH you drive. This can be an indicator of your risk as a driver. Naturally, someone who drives a lot more faces more risks as a driver. For someone with low mileage, it could mean they’re low risk because they don’t drive as much. Low mileage discounts Because lower mileage can mean you’re a lower risk driver, insurance companies are often eager to reward this in the form of a car insurance discount. That’s exactly what low-mileage discounts are for! Some drivers try...

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