Whether you are a small business using your vehicle for work or a larger company with an entire fleet of vehicles designed for transport of goods or customers in your business, you need business auto insurance. Also referred to as commercial auto or truck insurance, this policy provides protection for all vehicles in operation for your company. ASA Insurance provides the right amount of protection for your company as you operate your business in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah.

Why Do You Need Business Auto Insurance?

If you operate a vehicle for business use, your personal insurance policy probably won’t cover you. This may include transporting clients or customers, delivering products or even driving from one job‐site to the next in Utah with tools and supplies.

If your vehicle is owned by the business or if you haul heavy equipment with your vehicle, it will need to have a separate policy. A business auto insurance policy also covers you if employees drive your vehicle. To know if a commercial auto policy is needed rather than a personal one, you can contact ASA Insurance and we can help you make the determination on which policy is best for you.

What the Policy Covers

A business insurance policy covers the same basic aspects of your vehicle as a personal policy. It provides liability coverage, along with uninsured/underinsured motorist, collision and comprehensive coverage. It pays for personal injury protection for the occupants as well.

The difference in a personal or commercial policy is the restrictions, exclusions and eligibility. You also receive higher coverage limits for your commercial policy, which helps protect your business in a claim.

When purchasing a commercial auto policy, you must know who is allowed to drive the vehicles. In many cases, you will need to provide names and information for every employee who may drive a company vehicle to ensure proper coverage.

Your company is protected if you or your employees are liable for an accident. It will pay for damage to other property or injury to other parties, so you don’t have out‐of‐pocket expenses. It also protects your business if an employee is hurt while driving your vehicles for work.

If you use a vehicle in any aspect of your business, talk to ASA Insurance about business auto insurance. Find out if this is the right policy for you and how much coverage you need to protect your business. Give us a call today at 801‐486‐7463 to get a free quote.