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Our Insurance

Having the right coverage with auto insurance gives you peace of mind when you’re on the road. Choose the policy you need, whether it’s liability insurance only or all‐inclusive with comprehensive and collision coverage. Learn about discounts and rates to find the best payment and coverage for your needs.

Protect your home – your greatest investment with a home insurance policy. It covers your personal belongings as well as the structure and your liability if someone is injured while on your property. Learn the terms and coverage options available for your situation.

Protect your company and assets with coverage that pays for unexpected events. Having the right policy can ensure you stay in business even if a claim is made. Get the protection you need for your property, vehicles and employees.


Auto Insurance

Affordable insurance to protect you from liability and pay for repairs or replacement of your vehicle.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Home insurance covers you for injury to someone else who is on your property as well as replacing damaged belongings and repairing your house in a catastrophe.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance provides liability coverage in an accident while paying for your injuries or someone else’s medical expenses and repairs to your bike.

Boat and Watercraft Insurance

Enjoy your watercrafts with coverage for liability and repairs to your boat, jet ski or other water vehicles.

Renter’s Insurance

Replace your personal belongings if they are damaged in a fire or other incident even if you rent your home.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Enjoy coverage that repairs or replaces your recreational vehicle if it’s involved in an accident or vandalized.

Personal Umbrella

Get additional coverage to protect your assets with an additional policy that goes beyond your regular auto or homeowner’s insurance.


Costs to repair your home after an earthquake can be overwhelming. Utah experiences 700+ earthquakes a year. Get coverage that will protect your home.


Business Owner's Insurance

Protect your small business with a policy which protects your assets by proving liability protection and repairing or replacing damaged property.

General Liability

Enjoy peace of mind with coverage that protects you and your employees when conducting normal business activities with customers.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Choose the protection you need when you have a business auto that you or your employees drive for your company.

Commercial Property Insurance

Protection is essential for your property, buildings, signage, equipment and inventory in case of a fire, theft, and other disasters.