Business Property Insurance

Protect the Physical Assets Your Business Owns with Business Property Insurance in Utah

Business Property Insurance in Utah

Each day, your business faces a number of threats that could not only interrupt the course of your business and your revenue, but they could even force you to close your business down altogether without the financial protection business property insurance gives you. The truth is, commercial property insurance often means the difference between a business being able to survive after significant events or not, which means it’s something most business owners can’t afford to go without.

The team at ASA Insurance is on standby to explain your coverage options and find a business property insurance policy that suits your business. Don’t wait — call us today!

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    What is Business Property Insurance?

    Commercial or business property insurance covers not only the physical property where your business resides, but also the contents of this building or buildings. In the event this property is damaged, stolen, or destroyed, this coverage can provide you with the means to repair or replace it. 

    Who Needs These Policies?

    Truthfully, most businesses benefit from this coverage. However, there are a few telltale signs that your business would not only benefit from it, but that it might even need it.

    These signs include:

    • If you own or rent a building, store, or office
    • If you own or rent expensive equipment or tools
    • You have products or inventory
    • Considering a number of other valuable business assets

    What Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

    Not only can commercial property insurance in Utah cover the physical structure in which your business resides, including warehouses, offices, and other structures. But did you know it can also cover the contents of that building as well? It’s true: your policy also provides coverage for your inventory, furniture, and tools and equipment. Along with the property inside of the building, it also includes coverage for fences and all landscaping, as well as any outdoors signs. 

    What many business owners don’t know is that their commercial property insurance can also protect them if their property or employees cause damage to third-party property.

    The specific details of your policy will vary based on your company and the type of business you have, but they generally cover all of your assets, along with coverage for storms, fires, theft, and vandalism. 

    Some policies require you to purchase special coverage for earthquakes or other events, otherwise you won’t be covered for these events which is why it’s crucial to work with an agent from ASA Insurance to determine your exact needs. It’s incredibly important to work with an experienced insurance company in Salt Lake City you can trust to ensure you get a policy that provides accurate coverage.

    How Much Coverage Do I Need?

    The appropriate level of coverage for one business is different than it is for the next. When determining how much coverage you need, we look at things like the specific risks your business faces, the value of your commercial property, and more. Rest assured, we will never recommend more coverage than is necessary and we always work hard to find you the perfect balance of policy price versus coverage. 

    Next Steps

    Are you ready to move forward with buying a commercial property insurance policy? Your first step is to call us! Then, you will need to conduct an inventory of everything you have and do an estimate of the value to ensure you have enough coverage—we’ll help with this too. 

    When your business grows and you add new equipment, buildings, or inventory, you will need to re-examine your coverage and add that property to include it in your property. There are all steps we’re here to help with to ensure the process is as straightforward and easy as possible.

    Business Personal Property FAQs

    What is business property insurance?
    Business property insurance helps protect your ‘business personal property’ which includes everything from office supplies to office equipment and furniture. Your business property also includes the physical space your business occupies (such as a storefront or office building) if it has a physical location. It’s important to be transparent with your insurance company about the value of your assets and the scope of your business to ensure everything is accounted for in your business property insurance policy.
    Do you need business insurance on your property?
    Business property insurance is meant to cover the physical property on which your business resides, as well as your business property, including things like office supplies, equipment, and inventory. Without this insurance, you risk paying out of pocket to repair or replace your business property. Considering how valuable these assets tend to be, you can imagine the difference it makes having insurance coverage for them rather than facing those costs on your own.
    Does business personal property insurance cover inventory?
    Yes, unless your policy lists otherwise, business personal property insurance is meant to cover your business inventory. Make sure you regularly update your insurance company with changes to your inventory so you can be sure they’re accounted for on your policy and you have sufficient coverage for it.
    How much does business property insurance cost?

    “How much is property insurance for a business?” is a common question we get from our clients seeking commercial insurance in Salt Lake City.

    The truth is, the cost of your business property insurance policy will depend on many things, including:

    • The specific risks your business faces
    • The value of your commercial property
    • Your previous claims
    • The size and scope of your business

    Some businesses with minimal commercial property could pay as little as a few hundred dollars a year for business property insurance, while others could pay thousands. We would be happy to provide you with more detailed information specific to your business when you give us a call

    How much business personal property insurance do I need?
    This depends on the value of your business property and how much coverage is appropriate for your unique business. Most businesses want to have at least enough coverage to cover the total cost of replacing all of their business property in the event of a catastrophic loss or event.

    We’re Not That Far Away!

    For all of your commercial property insurance needs, ASA Insurance in Salt Lake City is just a phone call away! We’ve been finding commercial and personal insurance policies for our clients across Utah since 1949, and we look forward to doing the same for you.