There’s no question college students in Salt Lake City have a lot on their plate. Not only does school demand a lot of their attention, but they also have social activities and other responsibilities keeping them busy. But as busy as they might be, one thing they can’t afford to skip is being sure their car insurance is adequate and up to date.

Car Insurance for College Students in Salt Lake City

Whether you’re the parent of a college student or a student yourself, let’s talk about some specific car insurance considerations for college students.

If you attend school away from home

If you attend college away from home, you might think you need a completely new auto insurance policy. But what if your parent’s address is still legally your permanent address and you drive one of their cars? Well, as long as their insurance company is aware of this, the coverage will typically still extend to you. If, on the other hand, it’s your name on the car’s title and not one of your parent’s, you’ll need to get your own policy.

Insurance discounts for college students

Another important consideration is the insurance discounts that could apply to you as a college student. For most college students, there are many discounts they could be eligible for and they can be especially helpful for cash-strapped students hoping to save wherever they can.

Here are a few examples of car insurance discounts college students should ask about:

  • Discounts for good grades
  • Bundling discounts (for example, bundling renters insurance and car insurance)
  • Alumni discounts
  • Resident student discounts

If you’re driving more frequently or longer distances as a college student, it’s also a great time to consider increasing your coverage levels. When you do that, be sure to also inquire about collision and comprehensive coverage and whether they should be added to your policy.

We can help!

Whether you attend college in Salt Lake City or somewhere else in the state, we’re here to help with all of your insurance needs. Contact ASA Insurance today to find out more!