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ASA Insurance Provides Affordable Rates for Motorcycle Insurance

Riding a motorbike on the Utah highways and country roads can be a lot of fun. However, it comes with a certain amount of risk as well. To protect yourself, you must have adequate motorcycle insurance coverage. You must consider how much coverage you need and the type of coverage for your peace of mind. ASA Insurance can help you determine the right policy, allowing you to focus on enjoying your motorcycle.

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    Coverage Options

    You must carry liability insurance to protect yourself if you are at fault for an accident. Liability covers both injury to another person and damage to property. It pays for medical expenses, lost income and the cost of pain and suffering as well as repair or replacement of property.

    You also need personal injury protection for yourself to pay for expenses as well as loss of income if you’re injured in a collision. This coverage also pays for funeral expenses to prevent leaving a burden on your family.

    Coverage for your bike is also important, and collision and comprehensive insurance takes care of any repairs or replacements needed in a collision or other covered event. If you have customized your bike, you may need special coverage for those additional parts. If your bike breaks down out on the road, you may use the towing coverage provided in many policies.

    Just like with other vehicles, you need coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists. Your policy kicks in if your injuries or damages exceed the coverage held by another person if they are at fault for the accident. This protects you from paying out of pocket regardless of who is at fault.

    Choosing the Right Coverage

    Deciding on the amount of coverage you need is often a mix of what you can afford and how much you will give you peace of mind. Not all policies are exactly alike, and it’s important to understand the fine print of how you are covered when you purchase motorcycle insurance.

    When you work with ASA Insurance, we can help you review your options to find a policy suitable for your budget while providing adequate coverage. Providing the best service, ASA Insurance can assist you in selecting the right policy with coverage you can trust. Call us today at 801-486-7463 to discuss your needs and to receive a free quote.

    Motorcycle Insurance FAQs

    Do you need motorcycle insurance in Salt Lake City?
    Yes. Motorcycle insurance is legally required in Utah. Further, you will need to show proof of it when you register your motorcycle.
    How much does motorcycle insurance cost?
    As always, this depends on the particular policy and policyholder. That being said, it isn’t uncommon for motorcycle insurance policies to cost less than half of a car insurance policy.
    Is motorcycle insurance cheaper than car insurance?
    For most people, yes. This is because motorcycles tend to cost less than cars, cause less property damage, and are cheaper to fix.
    Who has the cheapest motorcycle insurance?
    ASA Insurance offers some of the cheapest and most effective motorcycle insurance in Salt Lake City. We are eager to help motorcyclists find policies that not only give them the protection and coverage they need, but also at a price they can afford.

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    For all of your general liability insurance needs, ASA Insurance in Salt Lake City is just a phone call away! We’ve been finding commercial and personal insurance policies for our clients across Utah since 1950, and we look forward to doing the same for you.