We often think of how we’ll protect our homes from natural disasters, but what about our businesses? It’s becoming increasingly important for commercial properties in Salt Lake City to have proper flood protection measures in place. In fact, according to some data, 3,741 out of 6,394 commercial properties in Salt Lake City are at risk of flooding!

With that in mind, it’s time to talk about protecting your business from flood damage.

How to Prepare for Flooding: Protect Your Business Property

Can you do anything to protect your business property from a flood? The good news is, yes, you can take steps to decrease the risk of flood damage and potentially save thousands of dollars in property repair or loss costs.

  1. Know your flood risk

The first step to protecting your Utah commercial property from flooding is understanding your level of risk. Salt Lake City has designated flood zones, which you can find on the FEMA Flood Map Service Center or by contacting your local government officials. 

  1. Create a plan for emergencies

Your emergency plan should include:

  • Evacuation procedures.
  • A list of emergency contacts.
  • A designated safe spot for employees to gather. 
  1. Create an inventory of your business property

Take an inventory of all valuable equipment and assets in your business property. This will help with insurance claims and provide a record of what needs to be protected or moved in the event of a flood. 

  1. Invest in flood protection measures

Depending on your level of risk, it may be wise to invest in flood protection measures such as sandbags, flood barriers, and sump pumps. 

  1. Keep important documents safe

Essential documents like insurance policies, financial records, and legal documents should be kept above ground level in a secure, waterproof location. You might also make digital copies of these documents in case the physical copies are damaged.

Review Your Salt Lake City Commercial Insurance Policy

Whether it’s floods or other risks, having the proper Salt Lake business insurance coverage is necessary to protect your assets. Call us today to review your commercial insurance policy and ensure it adequately covers the risks your business faces.