Commercial Property Insurance

Protect Your Commercial Locations from Loss and Damage with Commercial Property Insurance

ASA Insurance in Salt Lake City Offers Commercial Property Insurance for Businesses

Commercial property insurance can protect your business from loss, whether the damage is minor or significant. Even a small problem can put a stop or inhibit your business’ daily function, and cause a loss in revenue. ASA Insurance works with businesses in various industries in the Salt Lake City area and throughout Utah to find a policy which meets their needs.

Examples of events where you need insurance:

  • Fire could destroy part of a warehouse and all of the supplies or inventory inside
  • Broken water pipes could result in damage to files in an office
  • Hail could damage a roof or outdoor signage

If you had to pay for these expenses out of your own pocket, you may be unable to rebuild, forcing your business to downsize or even close.

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    What Commercial Property Insurance Covers

    A policy covers your buildings, including warehouses, offices and other structures. It also provides replacement for your inventory, furniture, and tools and equipment. The policy includes coverage for your fence and all landscaping, as well as any outdoors signs. In addition, it protects you if your property or employees should cause damage to others’ property.

    Policies vary based on the company and the type of business you have, but they generally cover all of your assets. They usually provide coverage for storms, fires and theft and vandalism. Some policies require you to purchase special coverage for earthquakes or other events. It’s important to work with an agent from ASA Insurance to determine your exact needs. You want to make sure you select a policy that provides adequate coverage.

    You will need to conduct an inventory of everything you have, and do an estimate of the value to ensure you have enough coverage. When you add new equipment or a new building, you will need to re-examine your policy and add it to be covered. We can help you understand the requirements of conducting an inventory here at ASA Insurance if you have any questions on what is included or estimations.

    Whether you are a new business looking for insurance or you are re-evaluating the coverage you have, ASA Insurance can help you evaluate the available policies to find coverage which fits your business. You can ask questions about terms or coverage restrictions and have help customizing your coverage. The right commercial property insurance policy can protect your business for now and in the future. Give us a call at 801-486-7463 today and let us help you protect your commercial property no matter where it’s located in Utah.

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    For all of your general liability insurance needs, ASA Insurance in Salt Lake City is just a phone call away! We’ve been finding commercial and personal insurance policies for our clients across Utah since 1950, and we look forward to doing the same for you.