General Liability Insurance

Safeguard Your Business from Common Financial Risks, Including Personal Injury and Liability Lawsuits

General Liability Insurance in Salt Lake City

Being a business owner comes with a number of perks, but it also means you’re vulnerable to a number of threats, including unexpected financial costs such as lawsuits. However, when you have the protection a general liability insurance policy offers you, you can conduct your business with the peace of mind you’ll have the financial protection you need when liability claims arise. So, don’t wait another day to give your business—and yourself—the protection you deserve. ASA Insurance in Salt Lake City will help you find the right balance of cost versus coverage and we look forward to meeting with you to do just that!

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    What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

    There’s a reason general liability insurance is one of the most important and most common types of commercial insurance business owners choose—it offers you protection from two of the biggest threats business owners face: property damage and bodily injury claims.

    Your general liability coverage can help cover medical expenses if a client or visitor on your business property is injured, or if someone is injured when they’re working off-site. Along with the damages to their property, it can also cover damages as a result of work performed by your company.

    Did you know a general liability policy can also protect you if someone speaks on behalf of your business? For example, if damages result from advertising or other statements, this coverage can come into place, including to cover the cost of an attorney who represents you in a lawsuit. Ultimately, this coverage can cover the damages when you’re found at-fault, rather than you need to liquidate your assets to cover the costs.

    Rather than face going out of business or into serious debt, let general liability insurance give you the peace of mind that your business is protected if a number of different threats arise.

    How Much Coverage Do I Need?

    General liability insurance is not required in Utah. However, most business owners still purchase this coverage simply because of how valuable it proves to be and how much reassurance it offers them. The amount of coverage that’s right for you will depend on the unique risks your business faces and a number of other considerations. When we speak with you, we’ll get to know your distinctive business to find out what level of coverage is appropriate for your business.

    With so many special needs in various industries, it’s important to have the right coverage for your business. When you work with ASA Insurance, we put our decades of experience to work for you. We can help you assess your requirements and select the types of coverage that provide the protection your specific type of business requires.

    Is This the Only Coverage I Need?

    It’s not unheard of for some situations to arise when general liability coverage may not be enough to protect a business. Instead, you need professional liability insurance, which can cover your business for work performed by your staff, in addition to general liability coverage.

    Whether the services your business provides result in residual problems or unhappy customers, you need to be sure you can protect your business in those situations. As such, this coverage is common in fields that utilize specialized knowledge to conduct their operations, including:

    • Medical professionals
    • Construction industry
    • Property managers
    • Accountants
    • Architects
    • Management consultants
    • Information technology companies

    Your liability insurance policy can also protect your business from lawsuits initiated by former employees for discrimination, wrongful termination, and other claims. Some policies also include coverage for officers and directors, which protects them for decisions they make in running a business.

    General Liability Insurance FAQs

    What is general liability insurance?
    General liability insurance in Utah protects business owners from two of the biggest financial threats they face: property damage and bodily injury claims.
    What does commercial general liability (CGL) insurance cover?

    CGL insurance covers a number of costly events, including:

    • Medical expenses if a client or visitor on your business property is injured
    • Medical costs if someone is injured when they’re working off-site
    • Damages as a result of work performed by your company
    • Legal costs if someone speaks on behalf of your business (including if damages result from advertising)
    • Copyright infringement
    • Reputational harm
    Do I need general liability insurance?

    Although it’s not legally required in Utah, the vast majority of business owners still purchase this coverage due to the sheer value and extensive peace of mind it affords.

    How much is general liability insurance in Utah?

    This type of coverage is considered quite affordable for business owners in Utah, with average costs ranging from just $300 to $5000 annually.

    What is general liability insurance for contractors?
    This is the same as basic general liability insurance for any type of business owner. It can protect contractors from the financial fallout of damages relating to medical expenses, property damage, and other damages that occur throughout the course of their work.
    Does commercial general liability insurance cover automobile liability?
    No. Instead, commercial auto insurance offers business owners the coverage and protection they need for automobile liability claims.
    Does commercial general liability insurance cover property damage?
    These are different types of commercial insurance. If you are seeking commercial property coverage, you will instead look to commercial property insurance rather than commercial general liability insurance.

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