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Can You Lease a Used Car in Utah?

One of the questions we come across a lot is whether or not it’s possible to lease a used car. You know you can go ahead and buy a new or used vehicle, but what about leasing a used one? Can You Lease a Used Car? This type of situation is a lot less common, but it’s...

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Insurance for Leased Cars in Utah

Thinking about leasing a car in Utah? Auto insurance is probably something that’s crossed your mind as you’ve started to go through the process. While leasing a car is different from financing one, the insurance you need for each is a lot alike. Here’s some of what...

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What to Keep in your Glove Box

If a passerby were to look into your glove box, what would they find? Perhaps your car insurance information, a snack stash, or maybe your car’s manual? There are all kinds of things you might keep in this space, but it’s important to ensure you’re keeping the right...

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