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Understanding Actual Cash Value

Actual cash value might be one of those insurance-related terms you often hear, but aren’t entirely clear on what it means. But the truth is, it’s an important term to understand, and we’re going to explain what it means and why it matters in today’s post. What Does...

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Why Did My Insurance Rates Go Up?

Have you noticed your insurance rates have gone up and you’re not sure why? If you haven’t made any claims or had any big life changes, we know why changes in insurance rates can be confusing. You see the same amount come out of your bank account for your auto...

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We’re Not That Far Away!

For all of your commercial property insurance needs, ASA Insurance in Salt Lake City is just a phone call away! We’ve been finding commercial and personal insurance policies for our clients across Utah since 1949, and we look forward to doing the same for you.