You’ve taken the time to plan and prepare for your vacation and are eager to head out! But have you taken the time to plan and prepare for your home’s protection while you’re away? Use these tips to protect your home in Utah while you’re on vacation.

How to Protect Your Home While You’re on Vacation

  • Lock it all up: You will of course lock your windows and doors before you go on vacation, but don’t forget about things like small openings such as your mail slot or pet doors. Burglars are getting more and more creative.
  •  Make it look like someone is home: Don’t let your home become vulnerable by having all the lights off and having no activity on the property. Set timers for your lights to come on, make sure the grass is cut, and consider having someone stop by or leave their vehicle there for a day.
  • Be careful with social media: If your followers can see that you’re away, then they know that no one is going to be in your home. Consider waiting to post about your vacation, or make it publicly known that someone is staying at your home while you’re away.
  • Talk to your neighbors: Be sure to let a trusted neighbor know that you’re away and consider asking them if they’ll keep an eye on your home for you while you’re gone. The extra help can go a long way!
  •  Set up an alarm system: An alarm system can go a long way for giving your peace of mind while you’re gone. Technology is now incredible and even allows you to have an eye on your home using your smartphone.

Protect Your Home with Salt Lake City Home Insurance

And of course, one of the most effective ways to protect your home whether you’re home or away is with Salt Lake City home insurance! Contact ASA Insurance today to learn more about the home insurance policies we offer.