Did you know using a credit card to pay for your car insurance in Salt Lake City can actually make your insurance rate lower? It’s something many insurance companies will offer discounts for.

But how exactly does it work and what details do you need to be aware of? We’re here to answer those questions and give you the three main ways a credit card payment could mean for a lower insurance rate.

Auto Withdrawal

Purchasing an insurance policy often means you can choose from making monthly payments, making quarterly payments, or paying for the entire yearly premium at the time of purchase.

The great thing is you can do this through a credit card. And regardless of the method you choose for how often you pay; you could be eligible for a cheaper rate when doing so.

Signing up for an automatic withdrawal with your credit cards means for a discount with most insurance companies – just ask!

Options for Cash Back

It’s possible to get your car insurance for a lower amount by using your credit card’s cash back or rewards program.

If this is something your credit card company offers you can use it to make car insurance payments and put money back in your own pocket. Always keep an eye out for special deals your credit card company might be offering as these allow you to earn cash back during certain periods of time.

Covering Extras

Those little extras such as discounts for travel or roadside assistance can help to take your dollar that much further.

Some credit card companies will partner with car insurance companies to be able to offer these extras. You can apply to those savings and put them towards the payments you make on your premium.

Be sure to ask your credit card company if they offer any extra deals or offers!

Do you still have questions when it comes to paying for your car insurance and the method that makes the most sense for you? Feel free to contact us and get the answers you’re looking for!