You do the work to get your insurance policy in place and make sure you have the proper coverage ready should the unexpected ever happen. While it’s always great to stay on top of your responsibilities in this way, missing an insurance payment is something that happens to the best of us!

How to Make Sure You Never Miss an Insurance Payment

Instead of missing a payment and having to deal with things the hard way, we’re here to give you some great tips to make sure it’s never something you have to experience.

Automatic Payments

Automatic Payments are perfect for making sure you never miss a bill payment. The transaction is completed without you having to do anything as funds are withdrawn automatically. Simply let your insurance provider know you would like to use the automatic payment option and they will be able to direct you on how to set it up.

Always be sure to update your banking information with your insurance company should you get a new account or card.

Allow Time

If you do end up needing to make a change, whether it’s to your coverage, payment or banking information, allow time for the changes to happen. Give your insurance company as much notice as possible so nothing happens last minute, and ends up being a missed payment.

Phone Reminders

If you’re one of those people who just can’t remember to make the payment, then it can be helpful to set a reminder on your phone. This will ping you when it’s payment time so you never have to worry!

Look at Documents for Administrative Changes

Once it’s time to renew, you will want to take a good look at your renewal documents to ensure everything is correct and up to date. This includes your payment method as well as your payment schedule.

Sometimes changes will be made that will have a direct influence on your payments. It’s up to you to make sure everything is correct and ready to go so nothing gets missed along the way!

Setting up your insurance payments is now easier than ever! Get in touch with us today to get started, or click here to access our payments and claims portal.