There’s nothing quite as frustrating or scary as getting in an accident. The evidence retrieved from an accident however, can make all the difference to how bad or good the situation becomes.

Taking photos after getting into an accident can help you if you are the victim in the accident, as you are much less likely to become the liability party. Photos can provide as proper evidence for eliminating doubt and depicting the accident exactly as it occurred.

Your Photos are Important

If you were to get in an accident and experience something like a hit to your bumper, you would probably assume that you will be viewed as the victim in the scenario.

While your assumption would be correct, it’s possible that filing a claim with the other party’s insurance carrier could result in only a partial payment of the damages without proper evidence.

It’s always possible that a claim could be made where there is not enough proof provided for a full payment. The thing is that this type of scenario is a lot more common than you might think and is exactly why it’s so important to take detailed photos after an accident.

What Should I Take Photos of?

Photos can make all the difference in the outcome of a claim, even if the accident is minor.

Be sure to take photos of the point of impact, the overall scene of the accident, as well as the damage that was caused to all areas impacted by each of the vehicles involved.

Take photos of your surroundings and if possible, the positions of the vehicles before they are moved from the scene.

You can never go wrong with taking too many pictures. In fact, the more the better!

Consider the Adjustor’s Point of View

When snapping your photos, try to think of things from the adjustors point of view. What evidence will they be looking for given that they know nothing about the accident?

Your photos help them to recreate the scene and understand the story.

Your Insurance Policy

The best way to protect yourself from having to deal with the consequences of an accident is with the proper auto insurance coverage. Always be sure to review your policy for specific information and look for what coverage options are available to you.

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