If you’re a new driver, it’s likely that you’re feeling eager to hit the road and finally take advantage of your freedom. While it’s no doubt that this is an exciting time for you, it will be important to practice ongoing safety and responsibility as you head out on the streets.

Here is everything you should know before you get behind the wheel.

Know the Essential Rules

There are specific rules for drivers who have a learner’s permit. You will only be allowed to drive with an experienced driver in the car and it’s likely that there will be rules around alcohol. These will depend on where you live and the regulations in your area.

The owner of the car that you are driving will need to inform their insurance company that you will be driving their vehicle. They can also inform them at this time of when you expect to be driving the vehicle on your own in the future.

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you have achieved your license, you are officially allowed to drive on your own. It will be important to know that in most states you will be on probation for the first two years before you can earn your full drivers license.

This means there will be limits on the number of passengers allowed in your vehicle at a time. You also will not be able to accompany drivers who have a learner’s permit.

Insuring Your Car

If you are ready to purchase your own vehicle, it will be essential to also purchase an insurance policy. You are never allowed to drive a car that is uninsured.

You will be required to choose from two types of insurance: third-party liability insurance which is mandatory, and optional physical damage insurance. This includes collision and comprehensive insurance and will have an effect on the cost of your policy.

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