The time has come and you’re ready to make the switch to a new car insurance company. Maybe you aren’t getting the service that you should from your provider, or maybe you are simply looking for a better rate.

Switching car insurance companies isn’t a difficult process, but will require a bit of planning on your part. Let’s discuss some of the essential steps to take when making the switch!

Steps to Switching Your Car Insurance Policy

Make sure the timing is right to switch

Canceling in the middle of your policy may come with penalties or early cancelation fees. It’s usually best to try and start a new policy at the end of your current one in order to avoid those penalties.

Timing your policy transition correctly makes for a much easier transition for both you and your current and future providers.

Purchase your new policy

You will want to get the shopping process started about a month before you plan to start the policy. Look for a provider that can give you the necessary coverage at the best price and get your purchase in place.

Notify your current provider

Many providers will require you to give notice ahead of your cancelation. Ensure you check to see what your providers cancelation requirements are, and make a plan to follow them. Some will only require cancelation over the phone while others may need written notice.

Check in on new coverage

On the day that your switch is scheduled to happen, be sure to check in with your new provider and make sure that your new policy is in force. You might also be able to check online to see if your policy has been activated.

Ready to make the switch? We have a comprehensive range of offerings and are ready to help you explore your options. Call ASA Insurance today!