There’s no denying that getting in an accident is an incredibly frustrating and stressful situation to deal with. However, knowing how to best deal with that situation ahead of time can make all the difference in making the recovery process easier.

One of the most common decisions to make when it comes to accidents is if you should submit an insurance claim, or pay for it out of pocket. Here are some of the aspects to take into consideration when making this important decision.

The number of people involved in the accident

The number of people involved in the accident is something that can be used to help determine whether you should submit a claim or pay out of pocket. If it was just you involved in the accident then you will have full control on how to handle the situation and decide on whether or not to submit a claim.

If two or more drivers are involved and the other drivers want to file a claim then you might not have as much of a choice. They may go ahead with filing a claim, which means that you will automatically be involved in the claims process.

Who was at fault in the accident?

If you are the one at fault, then it is more than likely that your insurance premiums will increase if you are to submit a claim. If the other person involved is at fault, then their insurance will cover the repairs necessary on your vehicle, as well as any medical expenses.

The cost of repairs

Perhaps the most important factor in helping you to make your decision is the cost of repairs. If it was a smaller accident with minimal repairs then you may be more inclined to pay out of pocket. With bigger accidents, it is less likely that it will make sense financially for you to pay out of pocket. In that case, filing a claim may be the better choice.

Get Further Help

While these tips are helpful in your decision-making process, you may have further questions. Luckily, we have answers! Get in touch with our specialists to learn more about the accident claims process and make an informed decision.