As a contractor, you face a certain amount of risk on the job every day. While just about anything has been known to happen, here are 3 of the most common insurance claims and risks contractors face on the job so you can make sure you have the proper financial protection in place.


The physical risks you face at work could leave you or your employees injured and unable to work, or worse. If you employ anyone, be sure to have workers compensation insurance in place. Not only can this help cover the cost of medical treatment if your employees are injured on the job, but it can also be used for other associated costs, like lost wages.


Most contractors rely on supplies or equipment to help them do their job. In many cases, these tools are worth tens of thousands of dollars. All too often, we hear of contractors whose valuable equipment is stolen, whether from a job site, a warehouse, or in their vehicle.

If this happens to you, having business property insurance in place to help you cover the cost of replacing stolen equipment is your best bet.


If you or one of your employees unintentionally damages third-party property or causes injuries to a third-party, the damages can total hundreds of thousands of dollars. With commercial general liability (CGL) insurance, you’ll have essential protection from many third-party claims resulting from unintentional personal or property harm.

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