Although comprehensive car insurance is an optional form of coverage, it’s strongly encouraged for most drivers and it’s commonly added to auto insurance policies. This type of coverage is meant to protect owners from situations not related to collisions, and if you couldn’t afford to replace your vehicle if it were destroyed, it’s generally a good idea to buy it.

Comprehensive car insurance helps protect drivers from auto theft and damage to their vehicle, which are relatively common occurrences. However, there are some unique situations where comprehensive car insurance can apply that you might never have thought of!

Damage From a Wild Animal

Let’s say you’re away for a weekend camping trip and a bear attacks your vehicle in the night to try and get inside of it. If you have comprehensive car insurance, you’ll likely have the coverage you need to help cover the repair costs! Similarly, imagine an animal like a tiger or cougar breaks free from your local zoo and does a number on your vehicle – comprehensive insurance can apply then, too!

Civil Disturbances

If a riot or another civil disturbance takes place in your area and your vehicle is damaged in the process, comprehensive car insurance can help cover the repair or replacement costs! That includes if the car is vandalized, if windows are broken, tires are slashed, or other structural damage takes place.


Have you ever been cruising along on a mountain road and noticed a sign on the side of the road that says, “Caution: Falling Rocks?” These areas are prone to rock slides, and not only do they pose a risk to your safety, but falling rocks can also cause a lot of damage to your vehicle.

The good news is, if you have comprehensive car insurance, you’ll likely have the coverage you need to repair your vehicle and you’ll only be responsible for paying the deductible.

If you’d like to learn more about comprehensive car insurance and if it’s the right option for your situation, contact ASA Insurance today!