Although the introduction of anti-theft technology has helped minimize the risk of car theft in many cases, thousands of people still experience the stress of vehicle theft every day in the United States.

If your vehicle has been stolen or you’d like to learn about preventing or dealing with that situation in the future, keep reading for answers to useful questions on the topic!

Which Vehicles are Most Likely to Be Stolen?

Certain vehicles, like Ford pickup trucks, Honda Accords, and Toyota Camrys are the most commonly stolen, but anyone can be vulnerable to vehicle theft. In many cases, older vehicles are targeted over new ones because they’re less likely to have anti-theft devices and tracking technology.

Is Theft Covered by Car Insurance?

Depending on the policy options you choose when you buy your policy, you might be covered for auto theft. However, if you only opt for the state required minimums, theft isn’t included so you won’t have that coverage. If you do want protection from auto theft, buy comprehensive auto insurance which helps protect you from theft and other situations not related to collisions.

If My Belongings Are in My Car When It’s Stolen, Will Car Insurance Cover Them?

Car insurance won’t cover personal property if it’s in your vehicle when it’s taken. But the good news is, your home insurance or renter’s insurance likely has personal property protection that will apply! Read your policy and speak to your provider to make sure.

Does Auto Theft Affect Car Insurance Rates?

If you live in an area with high rates of car theft, this will likely have an impact on your car insurance premium because of the increased risk. Most big cities have higher rates of auto theft than small towns, so if you live in a populous area, that’s one factor that could result in a slightly higher premium.

If you drive a car that’s a common target for auto thieves, this will also likely increase your rate. If you’re currently car shopping, you can do your research ahead of time to pick a vehicle with a good safety rating and lower theft rates to help keep insurance costs down.