Most of the time, our pets are a source of joy, fun, and love in our homes, but sometimes things happen and they can cost us a lot of money! Some costs are inevitable, like food and toys for your dog, but there are certain unexpected events that can take place that can come with huge out of pocket costs.

One way to offset these costs is by purchasing pet insurance, but it might not be right for everyone. Here are some things you should consider when you’re wondering if pet insurance is right for you.

  1. Your dog’s breed: Certain dogs, including bulldogs and Great Danes, are more expensive to insure. However, the reason they’re more expensive to insure is that they’re more likely to have health issues. While it might cost more to insure certain dogs, it’s all the more reason to get insurance to save you from even more expensive medical bills down the road.
  2. How much you could spend on your dog’s medical bills today: In the unfortunate event your dog is sick or injured and needs medical care, how much would you be able to spend on their bills right away? Treating dogs in the United States often come with bills in the thousands. For example, treating a dog’s broken leg usually comes with a $2,000 bill, and a foreign body removal surgery is about the same. If you can’t afford those costs on their own, pet insurance will be very useful for you!
  3. Your dog’s age: The best time to get insurance for your dog is when they’re still a puppy. Because it’s more difficult and expensive to insure dogs who’ve had previous illnesses or injuries, it’s best to start their coverage before that happens. Many policies also include some coverage for spaying/neutering.
  4. What your policy will cover: Most pet insurance policies don’t cover congenital conditions or pre-existing conditions. What they can cover is things like foreign body removal surgery, musculoskeletal surgery, ear and eye infections, parasite and virus treatment, and much more.