Since fire is one of the most common hazards in a property, it’s a valid question to ask, “Does home insurance cover fire in Salt Lake City?” You want to know that when a disaster happens, you’ll be covered when you file a claim. It’s a good idea to get your questions answered now before you are the victim of a house fire.

How Does Home Insurance in Salt Lake City Cover Fire?

If you have a standard home insurance policy, it will include coverage for damage from fire. Depending on the coverage you have, it can protect you in several ways:

1. Coverage for the dwelling – this means your insurance policy covers the home you live in for fire damage. It will pay for cleanup, repairs or for rebuilding, if necessary. The idea is that your insurance policy will help you get back to normal after the damage caused by fire.

2. Personal property – your insurance coverage will pay for replacement or repair of personal belongings which are damaged by fire. It will pay out up to the maximum amount of coverage you have on your policy. Some expensive items may have a set limit or you may need additional coverage.

3. Other structures – if you have a shed or detached garage on your property, the insurance policy will pay for those repairs or replacement if they are damaged by fire.

4. Temporary living expenses – many times a house is unavailable after a fire until cleanup and repairs have been done. During this time, your insurance policy may pay for the cost of staying in a hotel or elsewhere. It may also pay for the extra cost of food and expenses that you normally wouldn’t incur in your home.

What You Need to Know About Fire Coverage with Home Insurance

All causes of fire are generally covered, including arson, with one exception. If you or a member of the household intentionally set a fire, it will not be covered. However, if someone outside of the home sets a fire, which is called arson, the insurance carrier will pay out. If an act of vandalism results in a fire, you’re covered. The same can be said for electrical issues or a fire which starts from lightning or other weather conditions.

There is generally an investigation when a fire occurs. Your insurance provider may want to see the report before issuing payment for the claim. In most cases, this takes only a few days. Sometimes, the cause of the fire is evident immediately.

How Much Coverage You Need

You’ll want to make sure you get enough coverage to pay for repairs and rebuilding your home if a fire should occur. While you want to take precautions to prevent such an incident, it’s important to have the right policy in case it does.

Review your needs with an insurance agent to ensure you have enough coverage with home insurance in Salt Lake City for fire in case of an unexpected disaster.