Car insurance premiums can be expensive. If you’ve been going through a tough time financially, you might have let your car insurance lapse until you can afford the premiums again. You may have set aside your keys and walked to work because your car needed repairs and you couldn’t afford them. If you’ve let your auto coverage in Salt Lake City lapse for any reason, you need to get a new policy right away.

Driving without Coverage is Illegal

All drivers must have car insurance in Salt Lake City, according to state law. If you are caught driving without insurance, you could get in trouble. If you’re involved in an accident, the problems become even more serious.

Now, if you are driving someone else’s vehicle, you may be covered by their insurance. But you need to make sure you’re covered before you get behind the wheel.

Find Car Insurance

You’ll need to shop around for car insurance. Some carriers won’t accept applications unless the person has already been covered for the past six months. Others will charge a penalty for you not having car insurance. You’ll want to get car insurance quotes so you can compare your options.

Once you find providers that will accept you, then it’s time to look at the rates. You’ll likely have to pay a higher rate because you were uninsured for a time. However, you can compare your options to find out which carrier provides the best rate with discounts to help make it more affordable.

Affording Car Insurance

If you let your policy lapse because you couldn’t afford the coverage, you need to search to find something that fits in your budget. You may need to get a higher deductible or reduce the amount of coverage to the minimum required by law. While this isn’t an ideal solution for long-term, it can help you get back on track and be covered so you can drive legally again.

For instance, you might choose liability only coverage for now since collision/comprehensive coverage is often expensive. This policy would allow you to drive and meet the legal requirements without costing as much. Of course, you would want to get to the point where you could pay for full coverage in the future, but it would solve your immediate problem.

Talk to an Agent

If you’re struggling to afford car insurance, talk to an insurance agent. Let them know how much you can afford to pay for insurance, and they may be able to help you. Often, they can adjust your policy so you can pay the premiums while still having the coverage required.

Independent agents are often the best option because they have access to multiple carriers. They can help you compare rates and discounts so you can find the most affordable car insurance in Salt Lake City. If you’ve had a lapse in insurance coverage, start working now to get the policy you need.