Spring has arrived and with it spring rains and thunderstorms. It also seems like roof repair scams are also out in full force now as well. Some of them can be quite convincing and talk homeowners into getting their roof fixed quickly and handing over their money. The result is the roof is never repaired or repaired poorly and they pocket the money, never to be seen from again.

The Sell

Most of these scams begin with someone coming to your door, offering to do a free check of your roof. Of course, it needs repaired and they offer to do it for a lower cost – as long as you give them a down payment right now. They can’t wait for you to talk to your homeowner’s insurance company or to think about it. They must lock in the deal right now or you’ll have to pay a higher cost.

These high-pressure tactics force many people to say “yes” when they should really say “no.” Many of them have no intention to do the work, while others are unlicensed and will make shoddy repairs so that they can pocket most of the money.

It can be difficult to recognize the scam artists because they will have their business cards and maybe even a logo on their truck. Some are legitimate “handymen” or repairmen, but they do low-quality work. Others are actual scam artists that know no more about roofs than you do.

What You Should Do

Always say “no” to these traveling roofers. Real roof repairmen have enough work that they don’t have to come looking for it. If you are concerned about your roof because of a recent storm, talk to your homeowner’s insurance company in Salt Lake City to get an inspection or to find out which roofing company is best.

You can even do your own initial inspection to determine if repairs are needed or ask a friend who knows about roofs. It’s a good idea to learn about roofs because any time you have a severe storm with high winds, you may have roof damage. Loose shingles can blow off in the wind, leaving your bare roof exposed. It’s a good idea to check your roof after these storms, so you can get any repairs taken care of quickly.

A roof left unattended can begin leaking and cause damage to your attic, insulation and ceiling. You may end up with mold in the walls due to the moisture. The situation will only get worse every time it rains.

These roof repair scam artists are correct about the need for a damaged roof to be repaired fairly quickly. However, you do have time to consult with a reputable company to prevent falling victim to these scams. Just make sure you work with a well-known company with a good rating with the Better Business Bureau and let your homeowner’s insurance provider know. You will have less out-of-pocket expense if you file a claim.