If you’re heading somewhere out of state or even just out of town for the holidays, you may be dreading the road trip. With a car full of children, it can seem to take forever to reach your destination. The thought of doing it all over again to return home can turn your holiday spirit into the Grinch. Here are some tips to bring back the joy of these special get-togethers.

Bring Food

A hungry child (or adult) is a grumpy one. Make sure you pack plenty of snacks for the trip. It also cuts down on stops so you can get to your destination quicker. Of course, you want to avoid messes and spills in the car, so plan carefully what you will bring.
Potato chips and crackers are easy to pack as well as carrots and celery for a healthier option. Take along a small cooler if you have room, and you can add in cheese and even lunchmeat for sandwiches. If you take a light lunch with you, there won’t be need to stop at a restaurant or drive-through. Just make sure the food you eat while you drive doesn’t cause you to be distracted. You don’t want to raise your car insurance rates because you got in a fender-bender on your trip.

Make Your Stops Fun

While you may just want to focus on getting to your destination, the trip will be a lot more fun for everyone if you take breaks. Do some research to find interesting places to stop along the way. Select places that don’t take a lot of time to go through, but those that offer something entertaining. A small park or playground could be perfect for younger kids. Older ones may check out an arcade or small tourist attraction.

Pack Less

Most of the time, people pack way more things than they will ever use. Cut down on how much stuff you have to fit in your vehicle by taking only the bare essentials. Choose one outfit for each day with one spare and something for nicer activities.
If you find you needed more than you packed, you can usually find a laundromat or ask your family if you can wash your clothes. You’ll be glad to carry less stuff, and you can return home with fewer clothes that need to be washed.

Plan Entertainment

Even if your kids take along the tablet, video gamer or cell phone, they are probably going to get bored. Plan ahead by thinking of fun car games you can play as a family. Even if they moan and groan about the idea, they will get into the spirit. This may even become one of your favorite memories of your trip.

If your kids vary widely in age, you will want to include something for the various age groups. You could stop at the library and bring a few books along for the younger kids while the older ones can listen to audio books. You’d be surprised at how quiet the car can become when everyone is engrossed in a magical story.

Make your family holiday trips more enjoyable and memorable in a good way with these tips. Just don’t forget to make sure you have enough car insurance on your policy for added peace of mind as you travel during this busy season.