An auto accident can be a life-changing event. In many cases, the medical bills alone can be an overwhelming prospect. Learn more about paying your medical bills after a car accident.

First Steps

If you are injured in a car accident, the first step is to get medical treatment. In some cases you may be transported by ambulance for emergency services. In other cases, you may be fine making a trip to see your regular physician in the aftermath of the event. In either case, the medical bills can be extremely costly. Depending on the severity of your injury and the length of your rehabilitation and recovery, the expenses can be staggering.

Who Is Responsible?

The question of who pays for the medical bills depends on the specific circumstances of your accident. There are many factors that can influence who will be ultimately responsible for repayment. One factor is the laws in the state in which you live. Another factor is the specific type of coverage you have for your vehicle. You can find a wide range of coverage by searching for auto insurance Salt Lake City.

Paying Bills

Even if you aren’t at fault for the accident, you will still get the bills in the mail. This can be a confusing process for many people. It is important to ensure that the bills are being submitted to the correct party. If you are certain you are not responsible for the payment, you will want to have that kind of information in writing. Don’t let medical bills go unpaid. This can be detrimental to your credit score.

No Fault Insurance

In some states, the process is known as a no fault system. This means that your car insurance provider is on the hook for payment of a certain amount of your medical bills. Even if you were not at fault for the accident, the bills will be paid by your auto insurer. The laws that govern this issue are different in each state. It is important to talk to your agent in order to get complete details on your specific type of coverage. Your agent can help you through the process of submitting all of the necessary paperwork to ensure that your bills are paid correctly.


There are usually limits to what the insurance company is required to pay. These limits can range from a couple thousand dollars to tens of thousands in medical bills. If your bills exceed the limit that is set by law in your state, the next party responsible for your medical bills would be your health insurer. All of your regular deductibles and co-payments will apply for any coverage paid by your medical insurance.

Additional Protection

If you don’t live in a state with a no fault system, there are still options. You can purchase additional medical payment insurance coverage. This will ensure that the medical bills of the insured person, or anyone involved in an accident with the insured, are covered up to a certain policy limit. Most policies limit this coverage to $10,000 or less. To find out more about the type of protection you need, search car insurance Salt Lake City.