People often purchase homeowner’s insurance because they buy a home and it is required. They may never give it a second thought and select the basic policy that is the least expensive. That decision serves them well until they need to file a claim and they discover some facts about their policy that they didn’t know.

Take the time to learn what is covered in your insurance policy before you need it. You can make changes if needed to ensure that you have the correct coverage for your situation. While every policy is unique, certain types of coverage are considered standard.

Covering the Actual Home

The basic structure of your home is covered by a homeowner’s policy. It generally covers any damage from fire, hail, lightning or hurricane. Your policy may list other disasters that are covered as well. It pays for repairs or replacement if the property is beyond repair.

In most cases, the standard policy does not provide coverage for earthquakes and floods or for general deterioration. If you live in an area prone to either of these disasters, you may need to purchase additional insurance.

Other buildings on your property are usually covered. This includes a detached garage, shed or additional outbuildings. The key to having coverage for all structures is to ensure it is enough to rebuild if they are completely destroyed.

Personal Belongings

Most items inside your home are covered under this portion of your policy. It includes large items such as furniture and electronics as well as smaller items such as clothing. A basic policy will provide around 50-70% of the amount of coverage you have on the structure. If you are not sure if this is adequate, take inventory of your belongings.

Many insurance policies include personal belongings that are off-site. If you take your personal property somewhere else, those items would still be covered if this is included in your policy. To find out what limitations you have, you need to talk to your homeowner’s insurance in Salt Lake City.


You will also have coverage for injuries to other people who come on your property and any damage to their property. This includes damage and injuries from your children or pet. It covers the cost of replacement or care up to the policy limits. It also pays for any legal assistance you need. This is one area where many people lack enough coverage, and it is a good idea to talk to your Salt Lake City homeowner’s insurance agent to find out the amount of coverage you need.

Living Expenses

If you must live away from your home for an extended period because of damage, you can be reimbursed for those expenses. This includes cost of hotels, rental units, restaurant meals and other expenses you would not have had if you were able to live in your home.
Make sure you know how much coverage you have and what additional coverage you may need. This protects you if the time comes that you must file a claim.