There are tons of auto insurance companies offering as many different types of policy. Finding the right auto insurance to meet your needs and budget can be tough. This is especially true for first time buyers who have no experience shopping around. A good understanding of the basics by which insurance companies set policy process can help you to get more for your money. Here are some tips offered by ASA Insurance out of Salt Lake Coty, Utah.

  1. Keep Your Driving Record Clean. Drivers with clean driving records can save up to 60% more than drivers who are involved in accidents. The longer you keep your record clean, the lower your rates will be. Drive safe, and avoid unsafe practices like talking on your cell phone when driving.
  2. Take a Driving Class. Many insurance companies offer discounts who have enrolled in and passed a driver safety course. This can be especially beneficial to drivers under the age of 21.
  3. Add Safety and Security Features to Your Car or Purchase One with Them. If your car has safety features such as airbags and anti-lock brakes, or security measures such as anti-theft alarms you could qualify for discounts.
  4. Choose a Higher Deductible. The deductible is the amount you will pay before your insurance company kicks in. If you choose a higher deductible you will generally pay less for your policy.
  5. Be Selective in What You Insure. If your car is 10 years old with little cash value, perhaps comprehensive (against theft) or collision (damage to your car) coverage are not necessary.
  6. Insure Additional Cars with the Same Company. Many insurance company offer discounts on auto insurance if you insure more than one car with them.
  7. Insure Your Home with the Same Company. Holding more than one type of policy with the same company may also entitle you to discounts. Ask the company you are considering insuring your car with if they have home insurance and whether you get a discount for taking it out with them.
  8. Ask About Low Mileage Discounts. The less you drive your car the less likely you are to get involved in an accident or have it stolen. If you car pool and don’t rack up a lot of mileage on an annual basis, ask your insurance provider about low mileage discounts.
  9. Look for Student Discounts. Some companies offer discounted credit to students who have maintained a B average or above. If you have a student driver in your household who is living away and not driving on a regular basis, you could also receive discounted rates.
  10. Buy a Safer Vehicle. A car that will cost less to repair will also cost less to insure. Check out crash-test ratings for any model you are considering, or look for a highly-rated car to get cheaper auto insurance rates.