Salt Lake City. Utah – ASA Insurance, one of Salt Lake City’s longest serving business insurance providers has one primary purpose – to help other local companies find the best possible business insurance policy for their particular needs and budget. That purpose is clearly reflected and illustrated in the extremely informative article recently released on their Blog – 5 Tips for Buying Better Business Insurance.

It’s not always easy for businesses to know exactly what kind of coverage they should have – buying business insurance can be a complex and confusing process. This is especially true for small and start-up businesses, but ASA Vice President and CFO Creed Anderson says his company is “committed to educating business owners and helping them to understand the many reasons for business insurance.

“Many businesses in the Salt Lake City area are underinsured,” says Mr. Anderson. “Those owners don’t realize the risk they are placing themselves, their business, their families, and their employees in by having inadequate coverage. The truth is there are many affordable policies that can be tailored to every business model out there. Simply put, there is no reason or excuse for any business not to be properly insured.” Speaking with Mr. Anderson, it is clear he possesses a sincere passion for helping business owners.

“Helping business owners is the main thrust of our blog,” says Creed. “Utah is considered one of the best places in America to set up a business. If someone has invested the time, money and effort into setting up a business here, it would be a shame to see its future threatened by having inadequate commercial insurance.” That’s why we publish articles such as 5 Tips for Buying Better Business Insurance” on our Blog.

“Many owners are consumed by the day-to-day operations such as product management, handling employee issues, and dealing with customer inquiries,” Mr. Creed went on to say. “They don’t have time to research hundreds of different policies, or even tens. That’s why we do the research for them. Business owners can call us on 801.486.7463 for an immediate quote, or get a quote via Email by filling out our online Contact Form. As a broker we are not tied to any single company or policy, we can guarantee them the best policy for their business at the best possible price, without prejudice.”

Having been in business in Utah for well over 60 years, it’s safe to say you can put your money where ASA’s mouth is!