Housewives and husbands around the country will begin that annual ritual of opening up the windows, airing out the house, and generally freshening up the interior of their homes. But equally as important is the exterior of your home, the surrounding property and grounds. Making sure that your yard is free from debris and other potential hazards could save you some hard earned cash when it comes to insurance.

Trim Those Trees!

There are bound to have been some casualties over the winter amongst the trees on your property, especially if you’ve experienced heavy snow-falls in your area. Broken and dead branches, especially any overhanging your home or other buildings, are an especially dangerous hazard. A falling limb could damage your roof, resulting in water damage to the interior of your home, not to mention the cost of repairing the roof and removing the fallen tree or limb. Even worse, it could cause injury to someone on your property. Cut down any dead or damaged trees or branches before they fall on their own. If you are not qualified or able to do so safely, hire a landscaping company to remove those potential hazards. It might cost you a few dollars now, but could save you thousands of dollars in damages in the long run.

Clean up Debris and Secure Patio or Lawn Furniture

As the snow thaws you’re likely to find some of the children’s toys, one or two of those tools that were missing, and other bits of debris that may have blown into your yard. As with spring sometime comes mighty winds and thunderstorms, it might be wise to bring them in and tidy up a bit until the weather settles down. If you’re setting out yard or patio furniture in preparation for those summer rays, secure them as best you can so that strong winds, or even flooding, can’t carry them away or send them crashing through a plate glass window or door. These types of damage and the resulting insurance claims are easy to avoid with a few minutes spent out in the yard.

Clear Those Gutters!

Your gutters may be clogged up with leaves and other debris that can cause water to overflow and flood your property. It can at least weaken the foundation of your home, a condition that could eventually cause major damage to your house in the form of cracking. Repairs to such structural damages can be extremely costly, and can result in personal injury as well. Clogged gutters can also result in flooding to your basement and walls, causing wood to rot and setting the stage for termite damage in the future. Nipping such conditions in the bud can eliminate major insurance nightmares in the future.

Taking the time to do a little spring cleaning around your property can be both satisfying and financially sensible. A few simple measures such as those above can prevent the need and cost of major repairs down the road. Even though your insurance may pay for a substantial amount of the damage your home may receive from such conditions, you still have to pay the deductible. Additionally, you’ll lose any chance of reaping the benefits of maximum discounts by staying claim free.