Does home insurance cover structural problems? You may be asking this question if you’ve had issues with the structure of your home or if you’ve noticed it has been compromised in some way. Many times, you may not even realize there has been damage until it gets severe.

How to Know If Home Insurance Does Cover Structural Problems

Structural issues are covered in the same way as the rest of the house. Any listed conditions on the policy that cause damage to the structure will be handled in the same way as other damages. For example, if damage is caused by wind or fire, a claim can be made against the policy regardless of whether the damage was superficial or impacted the structure.

To know if the issues with your structure are covered by your insurance policy, you will need to look at the wording to see the exclusions. As long as the cause of the damage is covered by the policy, you can file a claim and expect it to get approved.

Two common causes for structural damage are flooding and movement of the earth (or an earthquake). These two causes aren’t usually covered by a standard home insurance policy. You will need to have a special policy that takes care of these situations specifically. If flooding or earthquakes are common in your area, you may want to talk to an insurance agent about getting coverage for these events.

When Structural Damage is Not Covered

One of the aspects of the structure of your home is the foundation. While it’s designed to last for a long time, certain issues can compromise the foundation. In fact, it often settles as the earth around it shifts. Severe drought or rain can make a big impact on the integrity of the foundation.

A foundation that has been damaged because of age and settling will most likely not be covered by a home insurance policy. Even though this is a natural occurrence over time, it’s also part of a homeowner’s maintenance and responsibility.

When the foundation moves ever so slightly, it can lead to cracks, which will impact the rest of the building. In time, the walls will sag and windows and doors won’t close or open easily. If left unrepaired, structural issues can make the home an unsafe place to live.

To prevent these issues, you need to inspect your foundation and the rest of the structure at least once a year. If you notice issues, you can contact a foundation repair company. They can provide an estimate for repair which will be much less if you get the problem taken care of before it becomes severe.

If your structural issues are caused by a fire, windstorm or other covered incident, you can contact your home insurance provider with a claim. Repairs can be made so your home continues to be a safe place for you and your family. Just know that home insurance does cover structural problems, but each situation is different so you need to contact your agent to know about your situation with certainty.