If a passerby were to look into your glove box, what would they find? Perhaps your car insurance information, a snack stash, or maybe your car’s manual? There are all kinds of things you might keep in this space, but it’s important to ensure you’re keeping the right stuff there so you have what you need in the event of an emergency. 

What to Keep in Your Glove Box

The best way to ensure you’re ready for anything on the road is to be prepared! There are some things to keep in your car glove box that can make all the difference when it comes to the different situations you face as a driver. 

Important items to include

Here are some of the most important items to keep in your glove box:

· Emergency contact numbers: It’s a good idea to have these in your phone and to have them written down and stored in your car glove box. It doesn’t hurt to have a copy in your wallet as well!

· Medical information: If you have any medical conditions, allergies, or medications be sure to write them down and keep this information in your glove box. If you’re in an accident and are unable to communicate, this could save a lot of trouble.

· Pen and paper: If you end up in an accident, you’ll want these items handy to write down information.

· Owner’s manual: Your owner’s manual will help you to figure out what certain symbols mean along with your maintenance schedule which can help you with upkeep.

· Flashlight: Rather than having to dig around in the dark if you drop something it’s a great idea to keep a small flashlight handy so you can navigate more easily and find what you’re looking for.

What else do you keep in your car glove box? Leave your answers in the comments below and help out your fellow drivers!
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