You’re a renter on the hunt for a new space and you want to keep the things inside your rental apartment as safe as possible. You want to be sure your windows are secure, your belongings are safe, and you have secure parking, among other things. But did you consider your door? How can you ensure your door is secure? 

Here are a few simple tips you can use to boost your apartment security.

Door Security Tips for Renters 

  • Check the door for a deadbolt lock: Every apartment door should have a deadbolt which means it’s definitely something you will want to look for when you’re searching for a new rental to live in.
  • Get a door jammer: This portable type of door security can be attached to the base of the door which then keeps it from swinging inwards. Door jammers can be great to bring from place to place if you’re someone who is constantly staying somewhere new and wants the extra security.
  • Get a door brace: This is another type of reinforcement you can use to attach to the bottom of a door that swings inwards.
  • Secure sliding doors: While these types of doors may usually be used for entry to the backyard or balcony, it’s important to secure them. Wedge a pipe or sturdy piece of wood into the bottom rack of the door to keep it from being opened from the outside. You can also install a latch locking mechanism for extra security.
  • Install a door security bar: A door security bar works in a similar way to putting a chair under a door handle. It has more grip than a chair so it won’t slide back with impact. 

Other Considerations

Of course, door security isn’t your only important consideration as a renter! It’s also incredibly important to ensure you’re protecting yourself with adequate insurance coverage. This is why most renters like to consider buying renters insurance. This is a type of home insurance built to cover the specific risks and vulnerabilities renters face. The good news is, however, it tends to cost a lot less than traditional home insurance!
Do you want to learn more about what this type of coverage might look like or cost you? Contact us today to get a quote and all of the answers to your questions!