Each year, Utah experiences about 700 earthquakes, although all but around 2% of them are too small to be felt. News of the recent 4.5-magnitude earthquake in Utah and Colorado has people on edge and wondering how to be prepared for when the next one strikes.

The national public service campaign known as Ready has been helping Americans prepare for earthquakes and other emergencies since 2003.

We’ve compiled some information about earthquake preparedness from Ready to help keep you and your family as safe as possible, no matter where you are when an earthquake strikes.

  • If you’re in bed when an earthquake strikes, Ready suggests you stay put and cover your head and neck with a pillow. One exception is if there’s a heavy light fixture over your bed. In that case, it might be best to move off of your bed if it’s safe to do so.
  • If you’re driving when an earthquake hits, look for an area that’s clear of trees, overpasses, power lines, and other structures. Park your vehicle there and stay put.
  • Whether you’re indoors or outdoors when an earthquake hits, it’s recommended you stay put. Then, drop, cover, and hold on to a sturdy object if possible.

It’s also strongly encouraged that you have enough emergency supplies in your home to sustain you and your family (including pets) for at least 72 hours. This includes food, water, medication, and other emergency supplies like batteries, flashlights, and first aid kits.

Another great way to protect yourself is by having earthquake insurance in place. Many homeowners are unaware that their standard homeowners policy doesn’t include earthquake insurance, and they often don’t find that out until it’s too late. Without this coverage, you risk having to pay out of pocket for the damages caused to your home by earthquakes, as well as for things like hotel stays if you’re displaced from your home.

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