auto quote insurance salt lake cityA little knowledge can go a long way, especially when purchasing car insurance. Knowing a bit about how your insurance company calculates the cost of your policy can help you to shave a few bucks off your premium. Following are a few tips that can help you to keep the cost down when purchasing car insurance in Salt Lake City.

Got a Good Driving Record? Reap the Rewards!

Although the majority of drivers with good driving records are already receiving their due discounts, it could be that you are still paying an unnecessarily high rate. One example would be if you have recently moved to the U.S. for work. Although you appear as a new driver in America, you’ve been driving for years in your homeland. A lot of insurance providers will automatically quote you the higher rates for new drivers based on your short driving history in the U.S. There is a way to get around this however, and that is by by providing your insurance company with a copy of your clean driving record from your home country.

Bundle Up!

Many insurance companies offer discounts for bundling policies such as home insurance and auto insurance together. In order to be competitive with specialist companies (companies that specialize in one particular type of insurance), many insurers offer discounts to attract customers who require more than one type of insurance. They offer a cheaper rate if you insure both your car and house than if you insured each one separately at different firms. If you bundle a few different types of insurance together you’re bound to save a few bucks.

Take a Defensive Driving Course

Not only will you improve your driving skills and knowledge by taking a defensive driving course, but many insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who successfully complete additional driver training courses. Insurance providers are well aware that such courses teach invaluable lessons in how to separate emotion from the task at hand, keeping drivers focused on the road, thus preventing accidents and saving lives.

Pay Your Premium in Full

It may be a convenience to pay small monthly instalments rather than a large sum all at once, but paying your premium in full could get you up to a ten percent discount, possibly more, depending on your provider. Ask your insurance agent if they offer a pay in full discount.

Location, Location, Location!

Insurance companies use more than your gender, age, driving record and type of car to determine your rate. Did you know that your geographical location could be jacking up your insurance rate? Those living in rural areas generally pay less as historically people in urban areas file more claims. Moving to the country can be good for more than just your soul!