With springtime comes rain and other weather changes that can be hard on your home. As the warm weather arrives and drier conditions, other factors can also impact your residence. Take these steps now to be ready for the fun of spring and summer.

Start at the Top

Take a look at the roof after the winter’s snow. If you don’t feel confident enough to do it yourself, hire someone to inspect your roof. Look for any torn or loose shingles or areas that aren’t secure. Check around the vents, flashing and other parts that may need caulking.

It’s important to check your roof before spring rains come to prevent leaks that could damage your home. Even a minor leak can cause major damage over time if it isn’t dealt with.

Don’t forget to check the gutters as well. Clean them out to ensure the water drains down rather than overflowing onto the roof. Make sure the downspouts go far enough away from the house’s foundation. This prevents the runoff from flowing back to the foundation, which can also cause damage.

Enjoy Fresh Air

As the temperature warms, you may want to enjoy the fresh air. Before you can do that, you need to make sure the windows have screens. Look for any holes that would allow bugs to come in your house. If your windows don’t have screens, it’s an inexpensive fix.

Inspect your windows and caulk around any areas that allow outside air into your home. It will also allow the cooler air out when you are running the air conditioning, which will increase your utility bills.

Beautify Your Landscaping

Over the winter, even the most beautiful landscaping can look worn and dull. As spring approaches, trees leaf out and flowers bloom, your lawn should begin to showcase new life. If it still looks in need of help, take the time to clean up. Prune plants before they begin to bloom and remove dead limbs.

Replace or repair pavers and add new plants or re-sod the grass where it fails to grow. You’ll want to treat your lawn for bugs and other pests before they multiply.

Power wash the house, garage and even the lawn shed to get rid of the dingy look from winter. Use the power washer on your patio, driveway and other concrete or solid surfaces. Not only does it liven up your property, it can remove dirt and debris that is hard on the surface or can stain it.

Spring is a good time to review your homeowner’s insurance policy. You want to make sure you have the necessary coverage for summer storms. Don’t forget to inspect the house after any serious storm to make sure there’s no damage. If you do notice any damage, report it immediately so that it can be repaired before further problems occur.

Taking care of your home is a year-round project. Make sure to take out time in the spring to get your home ready for summer fun.