Author: Creed Anderson

When a Wreck is Your Fault – What to Do and What NOT to Do

It can happen to anyone. You’re driving along, the kids distract you, you turn around to correct them, and BAM – the car in front of you stopped and you smack into the back of them. Or, you’re making a turn and because of a slight misjudgment, you turn in front of an oncoming vehicle and WHAM – you’ve caused a wreck. No matter how you might cause an accident, the bottom line is; if it is your fault, you need to know how to react. A wreck is bad enough without making things worse by responding in a wrong or inappropriate manner that could see you subject to a law-suit, or worse, incarceration. The following tips will help you avoid that scenario. Don’t Say Anything The natural response most of us will have to causing an accident is to get out of the car and apologize profusely to the other driver and any passengers that are with them. Though it goes against our civic nature, in this case it is the wrong thing to do. Apologizing is an admission of guilt, and even though you are quite sure the accident is your fault, you should save that for later. Whatever you say can be used against you, and besides, the evidence when examined, may show that you were not at fault, or at least not completely to blame....

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Make Time for a Little Spring Cleaning!

Housewives and husbands around the country will begin that annual ritual of opening up the windows, airing out the house, and generally freshening up the interior of their homes. But equally as important is the exterior of your home, the surrounding property and grounds. Making sure that your yard is free from debris and other potential hazards could save you some hard earned cash when it comes to insurance. Trim Those Trees! There are bound to have been some casualties over the winter amongst the trees on your property, especially if you’ve experienced heavy snow-falls in your area. Broken and dead branches, especially any overhanging your home or other buildings, are an especially dangerous hazard. A falling limb could damage your roof, resulting in water damage to the interior of your home, not to mention the cost of repairing the roof and removing the fallen tree or limb. Even worse, it could cause injury to someone on your property. Cut down any dead or damaged trees or branches before they fall on their own. If you are not qualified or able to do so safely, hire a landscaping company to remove those potential hazards. It might cost you a few dollars now, but could save you thousands of dollars in damages in the long run. Clean up Debris and Secure Patio or Lawn Furniture As the snow thaws you’re...

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Spring is in the Air, and so is Our New Blog!

Spring represents birth, or new life. Plants and trees begin to blossom, fields start to sprout, and hibernating animals arouse from their slumber. Spring brings with it a sense of renewal, an emerging out of the bleakness of winter with enthusiasm and energy. That sense of renewal and energy is nowhere more alive than here at ASA Insurance. Our young and enthusiastic team is passionate about what they do, and this Blog is an extension of that fervor. It represents that new birth and commitment to growth which comes with spring. We’ve also recently updated our website to make it easier for you to navigate and find the information you need. From our homepage you can quickly access information on Auto, Home, Business Insurance, and our other products. On all of our pages you will find a clearly displayed Contact link through which you can request a quote via email. For an even faster Lightning Fast Quote, you can call us on 801.486.7463. ASA Insurance is a family run business dedicated to building and maintaining lasting relationships with our customers. We aim to use this Blog as a vehicle for just that; a way to communicate to you tips, advice, and other insurance information that can save you both money and hardship. Failing to have adequate insurance or having the wrong type of policy could cause you and your...

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